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Environmentally friendly water cutting equipment


The working medium of cutting is only water and natural garnet abrasive, and no other substances are produced during the cutting process, which is a clean and environmentally friendly cutting process.

Nowadays, the whole world is advocating environmental protection, such as the most common environmental slogan "Let the earth rest for an hour", going out to take the bus, saving energy and reducing emissions, etc. A series of people have gradually realized the importance of environmental protection. This is also a manifestation of the progress of human culture. With the rapid development of the economy, environmental issues should also be addressed, and the two should be coordinated. In fact, industrial pollution accounts for a large proportion of pollution in today's society, and the traditional cutting field is also facing environmental protection problems, so there is a need for a cutting tool that can maximize environmental protection and efficiency - water jet, water cutting machine.

In recent years, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, and some regions have stricter requirements. Traditional cutting equipment has been unable to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Although traditional waterjet cutting machines have less impact on the environment, the noise and abrasive in the abrasive jet are two factors that affect the EIA. For noise prevention and control, on the one hand, we have taken active noise reduction measures and related design upgrades in recent years, and on the other hand, we have adopted curtain partitions. The modularization and standardization of the water jet adopts the acoustic detector to detect the noise intensity of the noise source and the phase of the acoustic wave, and then uses the acoustic transmitter to transmit the acoustic wave with the same intensity but opposite phase. After the two beams of acoustic waves are offset, the noise intensity can be reduced. Abrasive jet cutting is indeed a good cutting process. In order to reduce its impact on the environment, one is to actively develop new forms of jet cutting, such as ice jet. It uses liquid carbon monoxide or liquid nitrogen to cool a jet of pure water, which produces fine ice particles as abrasive. The second is to recycle the abrasive and waste water used by water cutting to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, and the waste water can reach the standard of direct discharge after being filtered. The treated abrasive can also be reused. Garnet abrasives are broken after use, and their particle size is reduced. After recycling, they need to be screened to screen out abrasives of different particle sizes, which can be reused.

Recently, there are also experiments using iron filings as cutting abrasives. Due to the high toughness of iron filings, they are not easily broken during collision with the workpiece, and the particle size changes little before and after use. It is easy to recycle and use, and it is economical. However, the price will be relatively high compared to traditional garnet abrasives. Since the ice melts into water after cutting, it has no impact on the environment, so it is a very promising jet flow method. In a word, due to the rapid development of technology, jet machining technology will present a series of new development directions, and it will increasingly replace the existing conventional processing technology.