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  • 上海维宏奈凯控制系统NcStudioV10.jpg

Shanghai Weihong Naikai Control System NcStudioV10

Product model:

CNC control system Ncstudio V10


Product features:

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Product details

1. The system supports DXF files without CAM software, which reduces the difficulty of programming and saves costs;

2. Support the angle and speed settings of different line segments on the same graph, and realize continuous cutting of line segments with different grooves;

3. Laser height measurement is adopted to effectively solve the problem of uneven bending of rock slabs caused by contact measurement;

4. Adopt optimized cutting strategy for adjacent line segments with different inclination angles in the graph to ensure better cutting effect;

5. Support dismantling software and CAD tool path to realize cutting with different inclination angles;

6. Automatically identify the inner hole and outer frame to achieve optimal motion cutting;

7. Support different inclination angles and different tool compensations to ensure the consistency of machining accuracy;

8. Support the layer side to set the process parameters to improve the processing efficiency.

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